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By Premkumar
Electical equipment like fans and electric bulbs are being used continuously in this modern world which in turn results in high power consumption.

I suggest that for fans and air- conditioners we should have a generator assembly attached to the rotating shaft as well as a battery assembly to store the generated power. Hence, the fan when staretd will consume AC supply directly from power grid. While it is running the generator attached to the shaft will generate DC current which is then stored in the battery. The stored current is then fed to the fan's power circuit which cuts the power from power grid.

In case of lights we have to install photo sensors at the vicinity near to lights. When the light is switched on it takes AC supply from the power grid and emits photons. These photons will be used to charge the battery assembly connected through the sensor. Once the battery has been charged, the generated power will be used as the power supply for the light.

By doing in this way we consume only the initial power required to charge the battery system. Once the battery has been charged the grid supply will be cut off and the generated power will be used for its usage.

I believe that this concept of recycling the energy will reduce operating costs.

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By Steve
Seemingly a great idea - but unfortunately it's not possible. A similar approach has been discussed here.

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