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By Knifedge
I would very much like society to do away with billboards and things of that nature that clutter up our daily lives and intrude on our every thought. Everyday we who live in cities are bombarded with advertisements and it always looks so trashy to me. I just wish everything in big cities was a bit more neat and clean looking.

Reward: studies show that people sleep better when their room is clean. the same principle applies here. you can think more clearly
By Knifedge
i suppose the solution would be some sort of eyesore legislation that would place limits on the amount of advertisement per square mile
By Crooks
Really nice thought.Such a goods and things reflect our culture and shows that where are we going which means that we should try to make our culture impressive rather than to make that bad.
By Surfin Cypherz
Eliminate billboards all together. Many cars now have a TV for the passengers in the backseat. Have it programmed so the users can pick which ads are relevant to them personally. So the advertisers work with the car company to get this into the cars, and the user says I want these types of ads to show on my TV. If you do not want to see the ads at all, you turn the TV off.

Solves the problem of unwanted clutter, allows marketers to still reach customers, allows costumers to have a say in which ads if any to view or listen to, and decreases the likelihood of drivers being distracted by billboards.

As an added note, make it mandatory that every space a billboard used to be has as many new trees, and other plant life planted in that space.

Therefor having the benefit of turning what was once a negative problem into an opportunity.

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