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Hello everyone
So I have the following concepts/ topics and I need ideas for soft-skills training activities that will make these topics/concepts memorable and easy to grasp. I preferably want the participants. Here it goes:
1- Your memory is not reliable This is important to keep in conflicts (Your perception is not reality) (Source: google false memory).

2- Cognitive Biases and heuristics (Anchoring, availability, Sunk Cost, Loss Aversion, Relativity, Herding, Choice overload ) (Source:

3- The onion model of conflict management and the seven causes of conflict.

4- Your behaviours stem from your values/goals but they often undermine them (shooting yourself in the foot).

5- Use your strengths to improve your weakness.

6- Giving other people the benefit of the doubt.

7- Creativity is a delayed output of critical thinking. ... you-think/

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