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By agouzal
we have to make of the positivity a priotity. This is to achieve a real revolution because every thought creates our lives.
One ought to be positive and look for positive people to achieve positive goals.In islam, prophet mohammed was a very positive man and gathered with positive men to spend the islamic religion all over the world .Furthermore, God demands people to be positive in the holy coran and add positive issues to the humanity .Without positivity , people will suffer and go under decreasing circonstances.People should be positive and look for positive people who can help them like what happened in China by Mao Tsé Toung .In islam, prophet Mohamed was a very positive man and looked for two positive men who helped him to set prosperous society, God asks people to be positive and be active and add something new to the world.Without positivity people will suffer from God punishment .There are four causes which block psitivity:

******Fear of being critisized:
*** the solution of this is having a clear goal and having a will.
******Fear of making mistakes:
***the solution of this is trying more and more , experiencing a success for at least one time and having a strong confidence in God, so no frustration because mistakes teach us how to be mastered and allow us to make our creativity work and improve.
******when an experience doesn't success:
***The solution of this matter is develloping a strong patience and perseverance and tenacy like the example of Edison who told people when they told him you failed 99 times to make a lamp , he replied :i eliminated from humanity 99 wrong ways to make a lamp.

******and of course environnemantal circonstances:
***The solution of this is develloping a positive intelligence by looking for opportunies here and there , like what happened to prophet joseph after 40years embarassment and problems , he became the minister of economy of the orient middle , so even if the environnemental circonstances are too difficult , one should be very flexible about the solution and get prepped and stay loose as the proverb said : "a stitch in time saves nine "

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