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By zik
Every people in a country has the right to refuse to join the war. And the right is protected by the international law. Any government is forbidden to force any people to fight. Or else the government should be punished. Only in that way can we avoid being used as tools for the politicians.
By Doug_F
not sure what county you are from, but at least in America it can't work like that. Reason being we have a professional military. Training and being available for a War is there Job. We do not have a draft (right now) so everyone that is at war knew the possibility existed when they signed up. The military gives you many opportunities such as a chance for a solid life, good training, career opportunities, physical fitness, money, but in exchange you have to go to war if the politicians say so.
By zik
Of course I know that you can learn a lot in the army,but you also need to kill some innocent people if the politicians ask you to even for their own greed.If you refuse to do that,you'll be sentenced to be guilty by the so called law.I really wish an international law be implemented to protect the free and peace will of all the people.If you want to be a slaughterman or you think there is a justice war,ok,join the army.If you don't want to be a doll of the politicians,no one can force you to kill people.Only in that way can we be the real human beings,not animals.
By Doug_F
it's like that in america already

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