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By nicholas anthony
We have long known the destructive force of nature. We hear of thousands of people who lose everything due to natural disasters. People have their houses burnt down, destroyed by earthquakes, tsunami’s, tornados, hurricanes, volcanoes etc. People have engineered things to help prevent some of these natural disasters. Another way to avoid them is to build houses away from possible disasters, e.g. volcanoes. We need to take all of the known ways to help prevent disaster and put them into one house. These houses will be very expensive and very hard to make. However, if they were made right, they could last for several more years than a normal house and we wouldn't have as many casualties.

Reward: No reward. Good luck making the houses.
By Stewie123
I saw something on TV that scientist found out that if you house insulation was wet baby diapers that you house will be less likely to burn down.

(It was kind of interesting, they had a flame thrower and burned two little huts and the one with the baby diapers only had little burnt marks) B-)
By jincubus
Wet baby daipers? Couldn't they just use the material the daipers where made from? I wonder if these were used diapers or just ones wetted with a hose...
By Stewie123
yea the spraied them with a hose
By nicholas anthony
interesting :-? I saw a new type of cement that somehow helps in a case of a fire. The product is called GeoBond and it was invented by a 70 year old sculpter, pretty interesting stuff! I first saw this product on television. Here is a link the the product

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