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By jwolynski
Does the public school system teach children of financial matters? The basics at least? The value of saving? How cash flow works? IRA's? Taxes? These things are life essential. Or does the government teach them Geometry and Algebra, and *beep* and Shakespear then kick them out when they graduate high school? They then stay home working for a job which they hate, and stay there with no motivation, ambition, or money skills. It's sad. If anybody has anything to add to this feel free. I dropped out of college, and so did Bill Gates. IT'S TIME PEOPLE CHANGE THE WAY THEY THINK! IT'S THE INFORMATION AGE!!! SECURE JOBS AND SECURE COMPANY PENSION PLANS ARE A THING OF THE PAST.

Privatize the school system, so children don't have to suffer from the politicans rich fat cat blunders. Start up a well-rounded school that is non-profit, and that includes actual real-life issues, instead of being idealistic.

Reward: You will be a very important person if this succeeds. A mover and a shaker.

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