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By Tobar68
I have a preemie and even though she is 6 months now she doesn't have much hair - unlike my sisters kids who came out with a full head thanks to thier Latino father.

So I thought maybe I could make some really cute caps with fake baby hair attached to them to make it look like the baby had hair already. There is no end to the designs that could be offered and it should have a catchy name so people know its fake hair. This could also be used for kids whose hair has fallen out from illness and not just for babies.

Just for fun - I think it would be cute. This might should be in the CRAZY section.

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By Keith
*chuckles* ... for some strange reason I am getting a vision of "troll dolls" in my head right now. :D
That or freaky babies with tupe's *laughes and falls over in chair*

But seriously, maybe a "preemie-beenie" with hair on top? So it looks more like a sweat band when on the kids head w/ hair?

I dunno, I wouldn't mind it being similar to a troll doll as well... neon green! wooo!
By Tobar68
I didn't quite think of it that way - but your right they could be fun as well. Like that skier cap that has all the colorfull stuff hanging off it that looks like dread locks in a way.

What I had more in mind was this. Most babies when they are tiny wear some sort of tobogin or cap like head cover. The hair or fake hair would come from under the edge of the cap like real hair would look if they had a hat on over it - with just the curls peeping out from under the hat.

About the troll hair - my baby already has that - lol. My hair stuck straight out too when I was little. My mom tried using vasaline to make it stay down - I asked her why vasaline when they had Dippidy Doo back then - lol. (telling my age)


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