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By 'The One'
It's logical really if you think about it, we all have our own purpose. There is no SET meaning of life. We find and choose it. You only need to consider the following points by asking yourself 'WHY?'.

To find the meaning of life, you must first ask yourself the following questions using ‘WHY?’.

1. Why do we do things to survive? – To do the things we want to do.

2. Why do we do the things we want to do? – To feel better.

3. Why do we try to feel better? – To feel fulfilled in our lives before we die.

So, as you have read, it is unlikely that we all have the same purpose in life. We can all find our own purpose for living that makes us feel better. ‘You don’t know what you have until it’s gone’ so you must enjoy what you have so that you feel better. There are many theories of what happens after death but since we don’t officially know, it is recommended that we should enjoy ourselves as much as we can before then.

Apart from just enjoying yourself though, I believe that you should live and allow others to live because there is simply no positive point of making anyone else feel bad. Also, this is the moral for having children – live and allow others to live, which is why we have children – To allow others to enjoy life.

There is a theory that since we are constantly evolving and adapting, an aim of life is too eventually become the ultimate species that is immune to every disease and that is almost totally invulnerable and invincible, a species that can do anything and everything. This probably explains the idea of angels and heaven. The three different types of form are solid, liquid and gas. The three different types of terrain are land (walking, running, etc.), sea (water - swimming) and sky (air – flying, gliding, etc.). Angels were probably very evolved humans who we didn’t know about because apart from evolving to be able to walk on land and swim like we can, they must also have evolved to have grown wings over time and can fly. They must also have evolved to be able to change shape, form and do other things which allow them to live in the clouds. This is also how they could protect our species and planet from intruders outside of our planet who try to attack us (aliens in UFOs for example). There is actually another form known as plasma. Plasma takes many forms whether it is either a solid, liquid or gas. This could explain the mystery of ghosts, the afterlife, shape shifting things etc.

There is also a theory that God as we know God has a ‘plan’. Maybe God has a sense of humour and the universe exists for God’s ‘entertainment’. In that case, to God, The world is probably like how it is in the movie ‘The Matrix’ or maybe the world, to God, is a strategy game from a ‘birds eye’ view such as war games (e.g. ‘Age of Mythology’, ‘Civilisation 4’, etc.) and at other times when wars aren’t going on, the world is like a game of ‘The Sims’ where there is a birds eye view from above a family’s house to look in on their lives and control them. Maybe this whole reality is just a virtual world (like in ‘The Matrix’) but seems real because of the incredibly brilliant graphics.

Although, the main theory is that life exists to allow you to find what makes you and your ‘soul’ feel fulfilled. Life exists to give our ‘souls’ something to do, in a positive light, because before life the universe contained a lot of matter and anti-matter but no life to use this matter, no life to exist alongside the matter and anti-matter. Our soul in this instance is our positive feeling and lust for life inside of us.

In truth, there is no ‘meaning of life’ as such. We ‘live for the sake of living’. ‘The meaning of life is life itself’. We live to find what makes us feel good and fulfilled before we die. So, in other words, no human being has a set purpose. We as humans adapt to our surroundings to feel good in that environment. This is how we find what we want to do in life, what interests us the most, and what we feel is most important in our lives. In a sense, we essentially adapt and choose our purpose, almost entirely without realising it.

‘Live and let others live’ – The other part of ‘the meaning of life’ is to allow life itself to carry on, to allow others to feel how it is to be alive. A message behind this is that before you die, to make a contribution to life, you can make another one exist. In other words, another part of the meaning of life is to reproduce and to look after your own child/children until they are ready to live by themself/themselves. Then, youir role is to help them when they need it, up to the point when you die. This is why being very powerful physically AND mentally is important in the meaning of life, because we need to be strong in as many ways as possible to do what we feel is good and right. In fact, life is a war between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ because no matter how powerful or weak you are in any case, it is what you do with this power or this weakness that matters. You could be powerful or weak in any way but it is whether you use this power/weakness to do good things, bad things, or things which aren’t good or bad. Things which aren’t good or bad, (such as a two-faced person – because they don’t side with either, because two opposite sides cause a war), are probably the best because they don’t cause the bad side OR the good side to get annoyed. Other than this, the good side is of course the best.

Life is a test/game to see if a species can survive. Our species is one of the best surviving and are the most intelligent creatures on the planet but to pass and complete the test/game, we will need to survive until it is no longer possible to survive, until the end of the universe. At the moment, we’re doing very well. To be honest, life is here for one reason, several reasons or no reason(s) at all. It just exists…or maybe it doesn’t really exist. Life could all just be an illusion of some kind. In fact, there could be no meaning or reason for life at all!

From observing, I have found that man is made for war. Men go to war to keep their families alive, women look after the families, mostly when the man is away. In the end, everyone dies because everything always ends with violence, unless the men are good and prefer to stay alive and not cause anyone to feel pain.

We should not have the intelligence that we have. We should all be cave people so as to not cause serious damage to entire populations and the world itself. Although, since people have the intelligence now, since we have developed naturally to be this intelligent, we have to either let go of all that we have made and not keep it up, or we have to carry on until we all have maximum knowledge and capabilities. We have to keep the intelligence and all that we have made, because humans could not evolve quickly enough to go back to old ways, we cannot rewind time. We have to carry on evolving to the point where we no longer can, when our universe ends its journey, unless there are other universes where we can go, in which case, the end of everything and everyone will be when those universes finish their journey(s). If this is not the time, then end will simply be when humans can no longer survive by any means at all.

Truthfully, you must be yourself and be as positive and enthusiastic as you possibly can while you are alive and follow your life story as a journey and an adventure. As yourself, you will be able to enjoy it every step of the way. This is the only ‘meaning of life’ which is important and applies to everyone and anyone, and is the only meaning which really means something to people. It makes sense to everyone and anyone. This, I conclude, is the 'meaning of life'.

Pass this post around, everyone should know it. It will prevent so many people from making terrible mistakes and decisions which they eventually feel are wrong. I only want to help.

Reward: No reward necessary, just consideration (and respect for having taken the time to figure it all out...)
By 'The One'
Also, the meaning of life that is best to remember is this one.

The meaning is to do good in the world because we naturally feel like doing bad things at many times. In terms of good, we must do more to make other good people feeel good, more than ourselves. Basically, we must do our best for other people rather than thinking of ourselves all of the time.

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