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By AaronBurns
The canning process takes hours for the heated jars to loose the air by heat and seal the container for freshness. If you use an eatable beeswax and a candle wick that never goes out, until the oxygen is completely put out, then you can easily seal the lids in seconds, making canning safer by not introducing bacteria as it cools and saving time down from hours too seconds.

The beeswax smoke does nothing to the product in the jars and the wick is simply removed when you are ready to eat the contents. As you know, a common candle can pull a half glass of water from a bowl into the upside down glass and has the flame as its only source of power behind it. If the candle wicks made for birthday cakes, that you can't blow out, are used and float on top of your food in the jars the air will quickly suck the lid tight.

Reward: My own channel on cable TV selling all your ideas!

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