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Many college professors drink urine from their own body as a strong detoxifier, since it contains no contaminants as water and food we intake every day. The only problem with their idea is that there is bacteria in it, without which it would be the best water source for your body cleaning. It has no redeemable other qualities except for detoxifying and being very cheap. If we just take out the bacteria, then it would be hard to give yourself or (for heaven's sake) someone else an infection, since it would be pure H2O and be better than bottled water.

A common distilling machine can be used to turn your own urine into the best water source found anywhere on the planet. To have a distiller in regions of the world where water cannot be found, but people are, we could add small distiller urinal units in homes. This sounds very strange, only you can actually become healthier, drinking water filtered through your own body, since it filters better than any other type of filter.

You might want to label your own urinal like a saying such as "Steve's Urinal - Do not use!". Then we could sell Bono's pee on Ebay and support his relief efforts and aids fighting agency.

Reward: A free bottle of "Bono Pee" served cold!
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By AaronBurns
We could add a relatively inexpensive yet potent version of dissolveable Vitamin/Mineral tabs and have the World's healthiest water supply for any devastated 3rd World country needing relief and our help to sustain their communities.

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