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By jitendartiwari
We all know that major telephone providers offer prepaid services, but the customer is reduced to use only services of the provider.

My concept is something different. We should offer a prepaid card service with denomination and expiry date. This card will be used mainly by the middle class people. We will contact several normal middle class hotels across the railway staions, bus stands, etc.. The purchaser of the prepaid card can use this card in any of this resto/bars/theatres across the state/country or globe.

Suppose I am from India and have purchased a card from chennai and I am visiting Delhi. On a personal visit ofcourse I will take the train/bus or airline. As soon as I arrive or when I leave I can use this card.

The hotels who will be under this card will give us a charge, as they place hoardings around the staions etc. to attract customers. But in this system the customer will reach the hotel himself.

Reward: to be reconized for the idea and be provided a free prepaid card for a year

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