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By 'The One'
Does anybody agree with me that maybe heaven and hell could just be metaphors?

If you think about it, people in history have mentioned a hell as darkness and as a burning inferno. Well, as I've experienced recently, depression is like a dark hell where you see everything as darker than normal, and embarrassment is like a hot hell.

Also, after you die, people say everything stops. Well, what if you die, you have an afterlife (which is probably lived through in your brain's thoughts), then you wake up under ground at the Earth's core, or you wake up in the sky, because maybe to end up in the sky your body has to have decomposed and evaporated into the air, unless of course your body was put IN the ground...(!!!)

Mind you, this is very unlikely to be true because you couldn't be living in your head after death because everything does stop (i.e. your blood flow stops around your entire body). Plus, after you would have decomposed, you could not 'wake up' in a sense unless we do have spirits that come out of our bodies after death, although the feeling of having a spirit is apparently just the feeling of having blood in your body and mind WHILE you are alive.

If there is no afterlife and no heaven (which none of us like to believe) then we as humans must make sure that we can make this world as much of a good place as we can. :-) :-? :-)
By 'The One'
Either this is what we should do, or else we all have to calm down our ambitions and enjoy what we already have.

After a long depression, I saw light and felt great. After a long time having good times, I felt I was falling into depression. (Maybe these are what heaven and hell really are). Basically, maybe we have to go through hardships to reach heaven, and if we enjoy things to much, we 'fall' in a sense. I'm sure that we all go through it at one time or another.

It is a hard truth to bear, but since the world works by balance, this is way it has to be, you enjoy yourself, then get depressed, you get depressed, then you see the light... In fact, I may be wrong, perhaps you need as many good memories and good times as possible to go to heaven, and the bad times are only distractions from your real goal. By focussing on negatives, you see the worst sides of the world (a hell, in a sense), and by focussing on the positives, you see a 'heaven' of a world. I guess you must see bits of both in order to not drastically change from positive to negative (or vice versa).

Maybe we can all live our lives without things like depression at all. If only humans could trust in each other completely, as a race, rather than all aiming for things like money. I suppose it could be worse though.
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By swimmer
i totaly agree with you .

good text . ;-)
By 'The One'
Thanks, I'm glad to see there is someone who agrees. I'm sure many people agree with these ideas too, although it's just that some people never mention these ideas. ;-) :-) B-)
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By swimmer
that is although true .

many people are affraid to say hat hey think .
By 'The One'
You know, you may agree with this too, I don't think I'm the only one but I really get sick of hearing simple views about good and evil, because things just aren't that simple are they, it's true, surely absolutely no-one is NATURALLY intent on being 'evil' from the day they are born. They are usually people who don't want to be involved with nasty activity anyway and are just pushed into doing something generally bad. People simply think differently and it depends on where you come from, your language and accent, your general background and your whole personality really, and people shouldn't judge people's personalities by just these things.

There are some people who act evil in the world, but there are still alot of good people in the world like you and me, and in the words of Anne Frank, "Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.", even if they don't seem like it. They probably just have issues or have been given the wrong information. For example, in their society, it might be the done thing to actually be a nasty person, which sounds stupid but yet in some societies, to them seemingly good things they might see as bad and vice versa, or whether something SOUNDS cool or not in conversation. It's all a mix up.

Also, we are all human, and as Anne Frank also says, "We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same." :-) B-)

It is annoying also how it is known that 'cool' people are generally nasty and are straight and 'uncool' people are nice and a bit *beep* because that is not true, it is yet another stereotype and view from certain societies of people who probably don't know how to be nice, straight AND cool at the same time. There are so many different personalities and styles in the world. It's typical high school talk really. I can see why the band 'Bowling for Soup' wrote that song with the lyrics, 'High School Never Ends' in it.

;-7 :-b B-)
By scottw
Hey guys it is not what you think that makes things good or evil it is what you believe that defines what is good or evil to you. If you do not believe anything then you may not "believe" in good or evil. Remember because you do not believe something does not mean it is not true. it has been said, "I think therefore I am" but the tree that does not think "is". If you believe in something you strive to achieve what you believe. if you believe in nothing then you just "am". If you believe in something you can ask if a thing is good or evil and know the answer. if you don't believe in something you can think a thing is good or evil but do you really know? I think not. Belief is what has formed our sosioties, our laws the way we live, how we treat each other. Belief gives us belonging and a reason to keep being. Don't just "am", be(lieve).
By 'The One'
Scottw, you hit the nail on the head with that, that's true, and of course what if you believed in the "am", (is that what Jesus did...?), would that make you a 'set' good or evil person without realising it? That's the problem, it's as if believing in the "am", you accidentally open yourself to both the ideas of 'good' AND 'evil' in balance, but you can't tell how much of each you are, or how much you become over time. You might also forget about the things your 'other' self found important...and all of this is hidden in your mind, some youi mention and show, and the rest sits in there and waits, quite uncertain yet quite sure of yourself, when you would prefer to be entirely sure of yourself...that you can be 'YOURSELF'...

And of course, then you wonder whether your real self was the way you were before you were affected by the world, or that you are who you are after you've been affected. Of course, your essential self is actually in between the two, because that is the one who has survived both sides, even though you prefer the side which you enjoyed the most generally, before teenaged years, through teenaged years, and after teenaged years. People are always changing as they get older, but the hero in you is the one who survived all the changes through teenaged life, I believe, and it is known that the more you feel like a teenager inside your mind (and your body), the more you sustain your youthful looks and general health condition. You also don't recede as soon as you would if you didn't remain feeling like a teenager/feeling youthful. I'm 19 years old and could someone older please tell me if this is a myth or if this is true...TRUTHFULLY...? 8-o :> X-I Lol (Don't worry, I won't do anything too drastic whatever you say).
By johnny1313
i beleive that the theory of heaven and hell was invented as an early method of a criminal punishment system. Those who do bad things in life will go to hell, a terrible place no one wants to go to. In this, persons were stoped from doing wrongful acts to society for fear of this ultimate punishment. Those who gave back to society and lived "sinless", recieve the ultimate gift of going to heaven. This is a great system that plays off human psychology, unfurtunatly it was never as foolproof as two inch thick metal bars and brick walls are. So society has adopted prisons. And at least as an observant american, i have come to the conclusion that the notion of this punishment is slowly falling to the wayside, or at least fallin into a gray area, i doubt it will ever not exist, but i know longer see it as a system of punishment.
By 'The One'
Johnny1313, that is also a very good point. It could have been just a simple method to keep order and balance. So, for a long time, people were having to keep their facts very simple in order to keep with this method (and, as it happens, many still do relate things to heaven and hell today, to keep things simple, although not quite as simply as they did a long time ago).
:-? :> Good response.

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