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By 'The One'
Here's something interesting.
7 - Lucky number, and number of hope.
667 - One step ahead of the devil.
In Dragonball Z, there are 7 Dragonballs to collect.
In Sonic the Hedgehog, there are 7 Chaos Emeralds.
The brain consists of 7 MAIN areas.
There are 7 sins.
There are 7 MAIN emotions (linking to the brain parts).

Maybe everything is the opposite in this world, that is why everyone is confused. And if this is true, then maybe you become a 'superhuman' (like 'Supersonic' or the 'Supersaiyan(s)' from Sonic and Dragonball) if you learn to be the best with your body functions and brain...

Also, my first name, Jonathan, means 'a gift from God' in Latin, and my second name, Cumella has the same number of letters as the word 'Messiah', 7...although that's just a coincidence...

And also, you never know, the reason for all the confusion is that the so called 'devil', if real would be getting what he wanted by making people confused, and turning them the 'other way inclined' by getting them into these obsessions in the first place. 8-o
By 'The One'
So people, don't worry about this Number 23, it only shows that the 'devil' can get the better of you if you get obsessed. You see...This film being made is like a test to see how the general public will react. Interesting eh? The one's who get the most obsessed are the one who can give in to the 'devil' the easiest, (or just the ones who are interested by it).
By 'The One'
Also, there are 'seven wonders of the world'...
By 'The One'
There could be a film of it where some teenaged boy thinks he is the new Messiah or he finds out from loads of clues and hints that he actually IS the new messiah. He seems to match the criteria, and starts getting obsessed with the number 7 (which happens to be the lucky number) and researches it. The movie could lead up to end with him finding out he's not the only one or something... B-) :-?
By 'The One'
Lol, the thing about the seven dwarves is funny.

Also, there are seven notes in music (excluding the sharps and flats), there is A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, as I'm sure you'll know. so maybe a fully developed voice has all seven vocal chords in the neck which allows it to reach every single note perfectly. It's almost like having seven lives in a game which allow you to get away with things because people know you could be innocent...until of course you use up all of your innocence, which is in most good spirits.

It could be about if you can (not to let the politically incorrect imagination flow again (lol))...if you can reach the lady's points of orgasming...Well, actually, that's what it IS really...because it all links to sex really, relating to what you said about the seven 'sins' as people think of them, even though sex is a natural thing, but in old ages of course, people would frown at subjects such as sex, because of things like certain religions, etc. You can basically have the full development of seven bones in the neck which let you speak, then you can either use them as power connecting from your mind to your body and vice versa. You can use the seven to do 'general good' or 'general evil', depending on your choice...

You must become a special symbol of a human being if you either have all seven or use all seven (Maybe this is where the idea of the angel and the devil come from). The question is, which way round is it? Is being totally good using all seven or having all seven? Is being totally 'bad' having all seven or using all seven?
In actual fact, because you can not judge things simply as good or evil all the time, you have to base things on LIGHT and DARK.

SO, depending on what you choose, you could become a glowing person who lives in the daylight or you could be a pale-glowing person who lives in the darkness of night.
There is alot of science to it, but in the modern day world, it's more commonly wise and better to be IN BETWEEN the light and dark.
SO, I've figured out that this COULD be the reason of why people use seven as a lucky number, and why people make up ideas such as the 'seven chaos emeralds' or 'seven rings of power'. They all relate to power, the body and mind in conjuction, and the number seven.

Sorted. (I hope) :-? ;) :> ;D B-)
By 'The One'
You have read alot haven't you elenos...there are many interesting thoughts on this number. I really think they should do a movie of it! Or a novel at least, but I'm not sure what genre it would be. They should definitely do something on it anyway!
By 'The One'
Also, as it happens, the word 'SPECIAL' has seven letters, and each letter can be used to describe each ability human beings have;

S trength
P erception
E ndurance
C harisma
I ntelligence
A gility
L uck

In the Fallout games series, this was the system they used when starting the game, (which is alot like in real life by coincidence, being as it is an 'RPG' game - Role Playing Game). I've never played the game myself though.

It's as if, while growing up, you subconsciously OR consciously use this system in real life and gain your abilities, whether you can choose or not...
Just a coincidence?...What do you think? :-?
By 'The One'
As I was reading the 'Sea of Chaos' forum page at this time, it had that the post had been replied to seven times! (8 replies now though) Lol :>

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