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By Donna1
If everyone that bought a license for a boat was given a gps that had to be worn on the wrist at all times while out on the boat, we could rescue them quickly.
That would include all Luxury Liners . Anybody overboard would be found quickly.
Donna ;-D
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By AaronBurns
We could also implant slowly degrading radio active graphite bar codes in our skin and be scanned and located from a satallite in Space.
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By swimmer
evena sall amount of radioactivity is harmfull . but a small radiowaves emmitter can be used , it is easy to detect by special radars .
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By Steve
Now this may sound sobering, but for all such ideas, human life has a simple price tag. So...

Take the number of people with a boat license, multiply by the cost of a GPS, and divide by the number of people who were either lost at see and never found, or who died because they weren't found quickly enough.

There's your price tag - i.e. how much it would cost to save ONE human life this way. Next: Imagine you had this amount of money, could it also be used to save two or more lives in a different context by different means? If yes, it means that this idea isn't feasible. O:)
By USMactive
I think it's a great idea. technology in terms of gps is getting cheaper and easier to make all the time. My phone GPS got us to Hamilton for my sister to buy a new car. Right to the front door.

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