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By AaronBurns
Using the same sanitizing rinse for contacts, you can leave the small, easy grip handle for the suction cup in the same solution and never risk infection, pain, corneal abrasion or other problems associated with finger removal. Especial long nails and nicotine and debris burning sensations all while being effective at removal without pushing that darn contact around your eye fishing to grab it.

Reward: A great design for the suction cup case.
By sammeli
There already is something like that at

It is a flexible double-pronged pincer that fits comfortably into the hand. It's patented; specially designed tips grip and remove the lens without damage to either eye or lens.

It is specifically designed to make the removal of soft contact lenses easy for anyone with:
• a general problem removing lenses
• a need for a hygienic lens removal solution
• Rough fingers
• Long fingernails
• An aversion to touching the eye
• Occupationally dirty hands

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