This is the place for all kinds of brainstorming. Anything goes. From time to time, the Sea of Chaos might also give birth to new forum categories.
Your brain pattern can be affected by how fit your body is, in more ways than one, as I'm sure you know. It is partly to do with is you are strong in body then for example your brain won't necessarily have such a good mechanism for giving in to thinking deeply, for example. There are so many different possibilities that you just have to think for yourself really to be able to get your body and brain how you want them. It is to do with having soul, will power, resistance, good co-ordination, etc...In other words, you must learn for yourself. Since we leave so much behind us, we may as well not give up in life until we have everything as perfect as we can possibly make it.

You don't only learn about the world during life, you learn about yourself.
Also, things that affect the way you think, whatever people say, ARE without anyone's choice, to do with how you see yourself, the world and everyone around you. It can include height, weight, and many other things. So, if you think about it, life IS about living for your own body and the people you protect and look after (a.k.a your family and friends). You don't have to go against your family for example, to keep a straight head, you just have to be BRAVE and show that you HONESTLY and TRULY are courageous. Memories are also very important. There are many other things too, but no matter whether I tell you them or not, you have to figure out and KNOW them for yourself, and allow them to make you feel more controlled and at ease with yourself, to feel you know yourself and that you're able to control your conscience, that your conscience (your brave and wise conscience) is what you control to make choices with.

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