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By One Way Home
Ever notice how two almost-identical healthcare plans can vary significantly in cost?

I have an idea:
The government creates a broad-coverage healthcare plan that has very specific and exact coverages. Then, the government mandates that every healthcare provider must offer that exact healthcare plan for whatever price the healthcare provider wants to use. They can change nothing. They can't add on an extra little value here or there. All they can do is give us a price.

What does this do? It allows you and me to choose a plan based purely on price. If forces the health providers to go head-to-head in competition. No more hiding behind obfuscation and minor details. They are all selling an 'apple', and everyone can see what they are charging.

Of course, this will cause many people to choose the least expensive version, which will force the other companies to lower their prices. Further, the government should allow every healthcare company to offer this plan across the nation, etc.. This serves to pull down the price of coverage.

Reward: How about coverage for my family for life?

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