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By AaronBurns
So far we have had one use for a man's purse and we get a cell phone, a wallet, cards of various kinds, and hardly any other use. If we create a "Man Purse" for standard use, we can then carry our stuff along with electronic devices that will not fit a common man's purse. We could adjust the purse to fit any other purpose, and there would still be enough space for the rest of our junk that keeps piling up. A camera, a blackberry type device, a computer, or any thing like a large, full size battery or power pack to plug into any portable electronic, like a DVD player, MP3,(anything running on electricity) and never run out of power with our "Man Purse" - as sole battery backup for days of hiking or in the car in the back seat where you have no power to plug into!
Make mine black with hand holds and no girly strap. Thanks!

Reward: I want a digital video camera that can be used without opening the purse (Lens sticking out) and battery backup!

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