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By 'The One'
The secret is, between people, is that life IS like a film because it is to do with the fact that you stare into the light emitted from a screen watching a movie, understanding what is happening, and when you look at people during the day, you are talking while looking at them and exchanging LIGHT between your eyes and theirs as you keep an understanding, and over time, you find that things start to work EXACTLY like a film or near enough, and some people come out of that, some people stay in it, and some people find a way of switching between the two, whether at will or not at will. - So keeping sociable and keeping COMFORTABLE while keeping sociable are most important things, and of course, there is the mix of people who use their brains more efficiently, and people who use their brains but channel more energy into their body muscles.

There is the mix of living life as a movie, and of living life more 'down-to-Earth', but of course, in my opinion, the best is the mix of the two, the best of both worlds. Essentially, we all have this mix, we gain it over time, and helps us all understand each other. :>

Please leave any positive comments linking to this post, including any ideas involving light, particles, channeling energy around the body and brain, etc...

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