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By vikasbhatia
Google is free because they have AdSense.

People add advertisements on their personal web pages and make money.

Some might know already that calling to US and Canada from the website called 'ThePudding' is free as they show Ads based on what you talk (by monitoring your talk), and Google is (possibly) planning Gphone with the Ads, why can't people get paid from their own phones using Caller Tunes (the music that people use to subscribe to and is heard when people call them till call is picked up)!!!

Offering from Phone Service providers:
Say for an instance, service providers can make discount offers on call rates for the subscribers, to play the Advertisements in place of caller-tunes. So for example, if I agree to such an offer from my service provider and you call me, you will hear an Ad of shaving product till I pickup your call. Additionally if Service providers can do more research they can also monitor the subscribers for the no of calls / time of playing Ad they can accordingly adjust the discounts.

Plus Point: People who subscribe to such service don't have to listen to Advertisements themselves and get paid too.

Minus Point: People will not pick up their phones quickly as they are making money and thus may have bad impact on relations, but that will be individual's own choice.

Some service providers also allow people to upload their own music to be used as Caller Tune, For example someone "X" can contact a company "Y" (that is willing to pay for that), uploads that company's Audio based advertisement as his/her calling tune. People call X and hear the Ad of company Y, till X picks up the phone. X is happy since he/she does not need to listen to the Ad himself/herself and gets paid too. Company Y is happy because their Ad is being heard by the people.

Plus Point: Nobody in between eating your profit.

Minus Point: Where to find such companies who will pay for the Ads. And also company's can not monitor how long or how many times their Ad is actually being heard.

From Websites:
Websites can offer platform for people who are willing to play Ads on their mobiles as Caller Tunes and get paid also AND for the companies who want to advertise their products this way.

Next level:
Could be from service providers (similar to how 'ThePudding' is already doing), to send you SMS of the products related the words that you used in your conversation, after you hang-up and make discount on the call cost. Provided you agree to be monitored and receive SMS of Ads.

Reward: Sponsor my phone bill and make it absolutely ZERO!!!

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