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By johnny1313
Imagine Deoxyribonucleic Acid, also known as DNA, as a separate entity in itself, a being, if you will, that exists on this earth at a higher power than humans do. What if DNA was the most simplistic form of life from the beginning, and has evolved over time. Starting from being able to build single celled “vehicles” that divide on there own, to highly complex multi celled “vehicles” ; human beings, rodents, lizards, plants… all competing to see who has developed the most sophisticated vehicle to transport them (DNA), reproduce them, and protect them from outer elements. DNA has effectively built a ship that can think for itself, supply its own energy, solve complex problems like asteroids hitting earth ( something the dinosaur vehicle could not do at the time), and all at the same time install in us our basic function… to “build more vehicles” or reproduce. DNA has installed in us a nervous system in which to protect us, their vehicles from damage. The system tells us what area is hurting and where to apply the needed medication. They have also built in us a virus destruction system or immune system which unconsciously fixes their vessel. Without these systems our bodies would last no longer than a few weeks, if that. Humans as a group have been made into the most sophisticated vehicle to date, that we know of. We can solve many system illnesses that the vehicle just can’t by itself. We are able to fix massive trauma to our systems, all the while improving our chances of further reproduction of the DNA into a brand new vessel. Since the correlation of sperm and egg the DNA tells nutrients supplied by the mother vessel where to go and how to properly form. They use cells like building blocks to build us, there vehicle, like a human would build a car. Their car being a tad bit more sophisticated, but none the less a tangible analogy. The purpose of our life is to prolong theirs. They combined with one another through “vehicle intercourse”, and when they finished combination they are one DNA, but with the mind power of two, plus the almost infinite generations of DNA that combined to make them. This is the process of evolution. They come together and communicate traits that worked best. This is life from my head.

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