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By Megamax
To break the language barrier.

Everyone wears a tiny earpiece in or below the ear. When a foreign person is speaking, their words hit the earpiece and a computer system converts the words into the language understood by the person listening, and the earpiece transmits this translation into the listeners ear.

The same thing happens on the other side except that person gets the words converted totheir native tongue.

I'm unsure as to whether such advanced translation software would be available today.
By Gavin.Philips
Once you have the voice converted into text, there are some translation engines around that should handle that part, and there are voice synthesizers that could handle the output. Getting the incoming voice converted to text, however, is the hardest part.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is probably the gold standard for voice recognition software. However, it is fairly accurate because it is trained for the user's individual voice. The latest version requires the user to spend about ten minutes reading aloud to train the software.

That's your hurdle. Now brainstorm to get past it. =P

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