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By ar
My friends and I are use to having fun outing, trecking, hiking, doing some adventure>>> One summer, we climbed a mountain knowing that there is a water fall in the vicinity...we're so *beep* that no one realized that during summer we have water's funny cause we wasted our time hiking and our goal to bath in the falls is not met... but we enjoyed site seeing... thanks God, the air we breath is not the same with the polluted air we have in the city!!!
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Just a thought: does anybody else enjoy guessing what the *beep* in these messages stands for? 8-o
By ashtoo
*beep*? stoned? wasted?
By ashtoo
he probably meant *beep*
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By Steve
ashtoo wrote:he probably meant *beep*

My guess, too. ;-D

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