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By Keith
*stares at red/yellow/blue 'C' looking thing in corner of his Firefox browser* 8-o

The Favicon for the site is *ahem* "hiddious"... at best.

A quick update to something more appealing would be nice.
I find this site very easy to make new 'favicons'. It's a simple site that can drag-drop images to make a new icon.

Just my $0.02 ;)
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By Keith
Well... after no response I thought I'd run some through myself and post a few. :-B

Image Pool1 Based on the main logo. I think this one turned out the best.

Image Pool2 This one is also based on the main logo, but simplified... well, because I was bored. hehehe

Image Pool3 This one I was trying to upgrade the old favicon... Not much luck, but if I had no other choice ....

Umm, and these are 'free' to use... or something. ;)
Steve: If you want me to make some others on a white background let me know. I just thought I'd try to help.

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By Steve
So you really seem determined to see a new favicon on this site, huh? :-D

Thanks! ;-D

How about this one?


However, I have the impression that it's not ideal yet, either. :-?
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By Keith
Hey, I like that one! :)

hehehe, even though its not "ideal" its still better than that MS paint drawing that is currently in the pool ;)

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