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By mr.jingles5
so my idea start back in the early humans stage (Homo Habalis). we used to live in Africa and travel on the shores of the ocean. we probably learned to swim about this time spearing fish and looking for shell fish. the better we got at swimming the more we adapted to the ocean. we gained long arms and legs. at about this time is where my idea takes place. some of the humans could have gone into the forest to live and adapt there. and some could have stayed on shore. we know what happens the the people on the land so i am going to leave them out of this. lets talk about the people that stayed on shore.

now this probably isn't what happens but this is my idea. the shore dwellers probably got really good at swimming and there lung compacity got better and better. so they could stay under longer. they adapted to the ocean and there skin probably started to take a different texture from the salt water and there eyes adapted to see under water. they probably evolved more and more to be in the water. then they probably either gained gills or started to breath water out of there mouth and nose like we breath air. the breath in water and there lungs take the oxygen and chemicals we need in and then they breath out the rest of the water (just a thought). all this would have taken millions of years.

so we have they could survive under water. now to the evolution part. as we evolve we started hunting and fishing, and eating the fish gave us intelligence eating the meat gave us strength. the Merpeople is what i will call them now ate pure fish and probably seaweed and kelp making them highly intelligent. they probably have conquered the ocean like we have conquered the land. being so intelligent they could easily hide from our unsophisticated submarines and little orb like machines that drop into the water and move very slowly. we dont know much about the ocean but im sure there are humanoid creatures in the water that take our shape but look like aliens to us. they would be way more intelligent then us but in a wrestling match i bet we would easily defeat them. ONLY ON LAND...

well that's my story/idea and i hope you find this interesting maybe leave a comment on your thoughts of this idea. thanks for reading

~Tom Bilodeau~
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By Izzy A
Okay so I know the reply is a few years late. lol.
Anyways, yes there are possibilities for that to happen.
1) There is a new thing the scientist have discovered, basically crystals or something ( I can't remember what exactly) that traps oxygen, so there might be a way to enhance it and maybe we can live under water.
2) Some kind of surgery to add or remove something
3) DNA engineering.
4) Finding out how exactly can other animals breathe in water and sea (eg tortuous or alligator) and use that on humans. ( maybe not this generation but maybe the next generation might have this ability)
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