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By Free-idea
The S.K.D. (Snake Killing Device)

I have seen videos of shovels used and it takes many strikes to decapitate the snake. The issue is that the snake is being hit with a hard object but its on soft ground (Sand or dirt). So with the SKD you could kill a snake that is on any surface while at the same time being at a safe distance.

Also people living in areas where it would be dangerous or illegal to discharge a firearm would prefer the SKD since it is silent and effective.

I have one fully constructed since it is an extremely simple design to make with no custom parts required, but I am new to this website and trying to find out how to upload pictures.

Reward: Just update me on the history of the idea (If you use it, presented it to a fundraiser etc. Think of it like a child, I just want to hear how it grows up. *SKD's first usage, etc.*) I'd rather everyone have acess to this device since it is safer for humans plus I value its usefulness to society.
By joejlitz
This sounds like a great idea. To post pictures, go to a website like and upload there. Then, use the "Direct Link" and post here using the IMG radio button above.

Also, be sure to describe the product in greater detail; specifically how it works. ;D
By Free-idea
Thanks Joe. I'll post pictures once college eases off but it just started so I gotta hit the ground running on that. I will upload it in the future just not for a few months.

Well Rishi, its not made for the entertainment of killing snakes it just in some places such as cities where you cannot legally fire a gun or in some poor country where they need ways to kill snakes, a simple SKD will do the job because the poisonous snakes are the issue. However it could also be used on the non-poisonous ones as well. If you kill a snake it'll never come back or bite anyone, I'm not going to make a BKD (Bird Killing Device) because birds stay away from humans and are not poisonous. But in a place like Africa not every home has a stockpile of anti-venom.

Aren't you worried about getting bit by one? Either on purpose or accident? Do you have any pets?
By Rishi
We are quite used to having snakes around. Even the poisonous varieties. I used to visit the snake park at Chennai, India to watch how they handle even the very poisonous ones. Its founder director Mr.Romulus Whitaker demystified many of the myths associated with poisonous snakes. I did have a Samyed dog. There used to be about 23 cats in my grand dad's house (where I was born). These were not pets but sort of co-tenants of the large rambling old house. There were snakes too in the yard and crevices in the roof. I have seen some of the cats fighting with the snakes and eating them later.
Mr.Whitaker told me that not all bites by poisonous snakes are dangerous. The snake chooses to inject the poison when it wants to kill its prey.

I am not afraid of being bitten. However, having said that I would not want one slithering around unknown inside the house.

An SKD can be a useful gadget especially if it kills the reptile quickly. You have to ensure that it can be made locally at a low cost as it is more by way of insurance than (God forbid) a routine tool. If it involves any moving mechanism this should be functional after long disuse.
By Free-idea
Wow, I'm from the US (State of California) and we have an open season on the venomous rattle snakes.

The thing with venomous vs. non-venomous is the nons can bite you multiple times but if the venomous bites you once you need to get medical help ASAP. Its like a loaded shotgun, if it does go off it'll do a lot of damage.

I aim to destroy venomous snakes because they pose a more severe threat vs. a grizzly bear or non-venomous snake due to the venom that they possess.

How come you're not afraid of being bitten by a venomous snake? Wouldn't the threat of needing a dose of anti-venom urgently make you concerned about a bite?

Actually I realized the SKD already exists, just get some long handled bolt cutters. They now have another use such as an SKD device, why reinvent what already exists? Best to just make a second use out of a pre-existing item.

Actually folks the SKD already exists, I realized you can use large heavy duty bolt cutters that do the job well enough that I already set out to do.

So if you want an SKD get some large bolt cutters.

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