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By cjdelphi
Basically, I've had a thought, back when the first webpage was written on the first server to host a webpage, well this is the next leap in thinking.

Before I explain how it works, here's the key benefits of using this system.

*No more Denial Of Server Attacks.
*Websites can not be taken down ever.

Basically, you run the webtorrent client and you simply tick all the "shared" website content.


etc etc, you build up a list of all your favorite websites..

Then what?, the client connects to a server and then grabs a list of the last cached IP addresses.

we then create a network of computers users who all each individually host all of the website's data.

So even if went down, you can still view the website if you downloaded the torrent version, things, quite a lot of things would have to be be rewritten.

so to be clear, imagine 100 computers connecting to Server 1. that's 100 webpages it has to deliver to all 100 people.

in this WebTorrent form...

100 computers connect to 100 clients, or to 1000 clients and equally share and distribute the websites..

tricks to make it use other servers for IP lists, or copy and paste and then have each client repopulate the list of new IP addresses, and we the people become the new distributers of information..

*Freedom for all, in every country to visit any site and read anything they want.

All we need is a team of good programmers and someone to willing to spearhead this and give it a go...

we could be starting a new dawn in how we distribute information..... viva la computer revolution!!!

Code Name: world wide web version 2.0 or www2 lol eek maybe not? lol

port 8080
WebTorrentSite: (purely to populate working IP address of people sharing the website)

Think of a torrent file, but we're not sharing files, we're sharing the entire website and forum content, as it gradually gets bigger, the data gets appended, i'm sure someone clever enough can work out the finer details..

but if it goes ahead, we'd never see a website go down again from attacks or police seizures lol

Reward: I love mobile phones lol, if someone wanted to donate their used samsung galaxy 2 or Sony Xperia, hint hint, only kidding, i just would love to see this concept take off, get adopted and see an end to cyber bullies denial of servicing websites.

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