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By burttburtt
So I am deployed over here in Kuwait for a while and have been thinking of some way to pass the time. And maybe get some extra pocket change in the process.

I have been aware of 3D printing technology but never paid it much mind. Until recently in the news that some people used an older model from the early 90s to create a functional 30 round magazine for an AR-15 style rifle. And they were also successful in printing the lower receiver of the same style rifle. They fired over 600 rounds using the rifle with the printed lower receiver.

So that has caught my attention and caused me to look into it more and do my homework. So I have chosen a desktop 3D printer I want. Roughly $2,700. Just for good measure I looked into 3D scanners as well. Found a nice one also roughly $3,000. The printer uses ABS filament. 2 extruders, so 2 colors could be used in a run.

My main purpose for getting into this is to learn. In my eyes this is amazing and will only improve in the future.

My secondary purpose is to maybe earn a few extra bucks making stuff. Now with the 3D scanner, I can scan almost anything, have a 3D model of it on the computer. And if I want print it.

This hobby already has a hefty price tag. Not taking into account all of the extra filament I will need to buy for the printer. So not everybody is willing to shell out the cash for something like this.

I am here on this site looking for ideas and just all around curios about what people would like.

If you were able to Scan an object and print it, what would it be? What would you do with it? If you did not have your own 3D printer and scanner, what would you be willing have someone create for you? If you could have anything created for you, what would you want? Your limit is your imagination.
By USMactive
Had ideas of making equipment for games. I know that the future is 3D printing houses in one day.

I don't know the actual chemical make up that creates the solid but I know there is a buzz in this area to get more advanced and have your own production line factory of gadgets required by a company that you happily sell on.

I'm tired now. I could talk for the next millennium but I'm going to do some deep relaxation and refocus on my goals.

3D printing is just a bulkier and less efficient replicator of sorts. I need a knife and fork. Program them in and press go.

My last words before I go...

Infinite creativity is all our birthrights. As an ex schizophrenic I know that the mind is capable of the more bizarre thoughts. Maybe they are of no use but if you look at them with the intention of having a property you desire, soften your eyes, and wait for the magic to reveal itself and it will come. If not this time then keeping chilled and relaxed and certain that the answers you seek are on the way and they'll shoot into your mind probably when you least wanted them too but they made it all the same.
By rachrob
I am a jewelry designer, both professionally and as a hobby. I have been wanting to experiment with 3D printing for some time now. I work with a lot of metal castings. I create models out of metal or wax and take them to a caster where a mold is made and the component can be replicated any number of times. With 3d printing, the possibilities grow so much! My caster actually has a 3D printer - so I can send my files directly to them, have them printed and then get my molds made and my metal pieces ready in one shot. My problem - I don't know the programs yet!

I am looking into Rhino - which is the program most commonly used in the jewelry business. What do you use? How long did it take you to get a good grasp of the programs? I am also really interested in the idea of the 3D scanners. I know very little about them though. If you scan a 3D object, are you able to make changes to it through the computer? Can you scan something in and reverse it to get an exact opposite part? This would be so useful for me when making earrings and other pieces that are meant to mirror each other. Would eliminate a lot of time and hand work.
By DavidBill
It was very easy actually, you will learn it in less time. It has all the features you need for your designing. There are many kinds of 3D scanners are available which helps in designing the mirror image which you want.

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