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By britonts
I wanted to get your thoughts and opinions on a modified computer keyboard I want to build and hopefully evolve called: 'Pronoto'.

Pronoto will be 4x4 inches wide and tall and connect to your device via USB or Bluetooth.

The Pronoto Purpose is speed.
This device will be designed to be used on any devices Windows or Mac and allows the user to have optimal speed.

The 13 one button shortcuts are:

Home - Takes you to desktop.
Internet - Opens up your default browser.
Open App - Runs any program on your computer.
Switch Apps - Shows and allows you to switch to any open program you have running.
Undo/Redo - Any action will have unlimited undos
SAVE - This button is in the middle of the keyboard and lights up after a minute or so of working on a project without saving.
X - this button opens up all your running programs/tasks to allow you to close or restart whenever.

4 port usb hub built in.

I want to evolve this and develop add on modules as this will evolve to touch screen and be based on specific programs. But for starting out, do you think this is worth putting my effort, money, and time into?

Looking forward to your feedback and thank you for your time.

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