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By diginit
Of all the woman's magazines that are published every year there is not one that I have found that advertises towards the "Large and Lovely" woman.

My idea is to advertise to that group of women that are far greater in abundence then the skinnky girls that we see from day to day in all the the thin woman clothes.

Large and Lovely woman have needs and wants in fashion. From the assorted aray of colors in dresses, skirts, pants and accessories that make a Large and Lovely woman feel good about herself and bring about self-esteem.

Also included in this magazine would be woman's idea's and health and beauty secrets.

Perhaps several woman's groups and female doctors can offer advice to our Large and Lovely woman

So tell me what you think for I need all the advice I can get!
By Hannah
Though there are mags that aim toward "plus-size" fashions, they always seem simplistic, "blah-blah clothes that flatter blah-blah." I'm sure many women would appreciate it. However, a nice idea might also be to have a REALISTIC looking magazine, that features women of all sizes...short and petite ladies that aren't wearing clothes that look like they were designed for toddlers (I am particularly partial to this idea, being 5'1''!, athletic looking women, and even thin women who look HEALTHY (in other words, not emaciated!)....just an idea. Also, women who are above the age of 30 AND who have not had plastic surgery!! In other words, anything to show that real women have flaws, and that this is what creates beauty and individuality.

Good luck with the good idea :).

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