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By katie
a car with all seats facing backwards apart from the driver. then on impact the persons with be pushed into the back of their seats but unharmed, does anyone think this could work?
By Rishi
It will work for a head on collision. But if you are hit from behind then all those facing backwards will be in trouble.

By katie
i agree but according to statistics only 3 percent of fatal accidents are caused by rear crashes
By Rishi
Still trying to come to terms with the death of a dear young friend and daughter of a colleague a couple of days back in a gruesome accident. It was probably one of the best engineered cars of the world, the seat belts were fastened, and the air bags deployed. Yet she died crushed under the wheels of the bus that climbed over the bonnet and completely flattenned the roof where she was sitting.

If the statistics are viewed from another angle it may mean that in a rear end collision the forward facing seats protect the passengers in the same way you suggested in the firstplace in favour of the rear facing seats in front end collisions. What if the statistics just get reversed by shifting the seating orientation?

Still it is important to test this intersting idea of yours. I am sure that any auto maker worth the salt will have facilities to check out the effect of such seating using instrumented dummies. Have you tried your suggestion on them?

By katie
i am very sorry to hear about your friend, it sounds horrific ad i have not yet put my idea to an auto maker but will do so, thank you.
By Rishi
Wish you all the luck! Since we cannot wish away cars altogether, your idea if it works will renderr the world a much safer place.


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