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By kathryn4103
I need some help with brainstorming ways to meet men who are a little older (I'm 42) and are freethought, intelligent, (somewhat deep) creative thinkers. Online just doesn't quite cut it as I have met several people, but are not compatible. Seems like all the men I meet think in a box. Please anyone, I could use your ideas!!!
By treadair

There are basically two types of innovative people, those who specialize in one or two areas and have creative insights that put them ahead of the general knowledge level in those areas, and those who know a little more than the average person about a lot of different areas. The first type are specialists, the second type are generalists. Sometimes exceptional people can do both but you're more likely to run into one kind or the other when you're looking for innovation. Just as the types are different, where you'd meet them would be different too. I think you'd almost have to work in the same area as the specialists or go to their whatever their equivalent of a user group would be (maybe workshops, maybe conventions). Generalists on the other hand are all over the place. One of the best places to run into them might be a creative writing club for adults. The people in them usually have a lot of ideas and are trying to use writing as a vehicle to get them out.
By treadair
Another thought - create a user group at this site and make it specific to the area you live in so whoever joins it can get together now and then.

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