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By Z
Could someone please design a silent vacuum cleaner. The noise drives me up the wall in the office/at home/at university.

Reward: A silent vacuum cleaner!
By Guest
You may be interested to know that market research has been done in this area already. It was found that people won't buy quiet vacuums - they assume that "quiet" equals "not powerful", regardless of how good the vacuum performs.
By Mark Radeke
A central vacuum system with the motor and collection bag housed in the basement or somewhere away would solve your problem.
I believe that central vacs also have more power than portable vacuums.
By duh
2 words......broom, dustpan
By pooface228
You can't sweep carpet
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By Michael D. Grissom
Guest is right. The inventor of the first silent vacuum (late 1940's) demonstrated it on the Carson show about 30 years after his business failed. The failure reason he gave was that "women buy vacuum cleaners" and "even with proof of advanced suction power via demonstration, women refused to believe any vacuum that quiet could possibly do the job". He said he was often accused of "trickery" during the demos. This is a lot like the Stanley Steamer automobile story.

Sometimes you just can't win!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Oh no,... I just had second thoughts...

It just occurred to me that my X-wife ALWAYS started vacuuming around the bed on Sat & Sun mornings when I tried to sleep-in.

Could it be they purchase the weaker but obnoxiously louder vacuums on purpose??? hmmmmmm

If this is true then someone could build a vacuum to wake the dead and make millions!!!

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