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By AaronBurns
A fixed or flexable shower head (Or multiple shower heads) for over head use in hot tubs and other similar tubs indoors or outdoors. You could have a heated tub and jets and filters that accommodate soap so you may shower and clean in your personal hot tub while filtering out the soap with added soap dissolving harmless chemical additives. A good soak with a full shower!
You could arrange the shower heads to create a rain like atmosphere.

Reward: A hot tub and shower heads!
By spuuut
We've done that on our tub a few years ago.
We unscrewed one of the jet nozzles and stuck a length of garden hose up the pipe about 12 inches. And the other end of the hose we had a hose spray attachment that we tied to the overhead gazebo frame.
There was tons of pressure and the spray could be adjusted. It was still warm spray but a bit uncomfortable because it was like standing in the rain with water dribbling down your face all the time.
Good fun tho !!

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