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By Scottybo
I'm not sure weather this idea is already being done, but I have not been able to find a website which already does this. My idea is that you would have a website to go to and they could type in a message. Once they are done, they type in where to send it to. Then the people who run the site would print out, put in an envelope, stamp, and address the message, and then send it via USPS. They could charge a 5-cent handling fee for this, and it would be charged for their credit card from the website.
The public would be attracted to this idea because of the time saved from getting envelopes, writing the letter by hand, buying/licking stamps, addressing envelopes, and all the other hassles involved in mailing a letter. The service could also allow users to type a message and then have the letter automatically mailed at a later date, for occasions such as birthdays and christmas.
So what do you guys think? Would you use something like this? any ideas for a name? any suggestions?
By EaMuNn
thats a good idea but, you might not get the same privacy, somebody could read what you wrote
By thedoc7777
it would have to be a site that is well encrypted, but thats possible, now a days its safer to use a credit card online than it is to give it to a waiter in a resturant and have him go into a back room to charge it. I think this thing could work, plus it solves the problem of the decline of the USPS which would gladly be looking for an opportunity to move forward. This could even be tied into voice activated typing or cell phones so that you could call up the site by phone and "type" up a letter to be sent. You could sell images and templates for the different style cards like myspace does to jazz up people's profiles for pennies and allow additional services for a small fee.
By spannerintheworks
a good idea, though you need to decide on some issues. I have some suggested answers though they may not be enough.

Why not use email? its free?

Cheaper postcards!!! and mail to people who dont have internet????? (not sure how personalized it will be, it not like VOIP.)

Savings of mail?

Cost savings for using a postal barcode. Save ~4cents.
Cost saving time writing/printing.


Overall I find it an interesting idea but I can't see much potential. But I'm not you and a provisional cost only $80. The least you can claim is you came up with a original idea.

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