Taking pride in what you did at home or elsewhere? Want to recommend it to others? This is your chance!
Any linoleum can easily be stained with simple ingredients like cool-aid, grape juice, wine, etc. So why not have a white colored lenoleum layed down, replacing your old ones (very cheap!) and have sponge like a material that you can use to imprint fancy, different colored designs, such as logos or your face or anything?

You simply apply it, let it dry (takes a short while), and then wipe the surface with a dry towel. The imprint is not sticky and you'll never even feel it, but your design will stay even with the best cleaners or soaps, until you use bleach which simply wipes away the entire linoleum surface - ready for another colorful design.

You could even carve elaborate designs into a common potato which soaks up your natural ink, making the whole process economical and exiting, not having to see the old flower design day after day that was placed there twenty years ago.

Reward: New counter tops.

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