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By Davey C
The internet is becoming a bigger and bigger place, it just seems to never stop expanding. And we've all had that problem, coming across those dreaded ERROR 404's, can't find the web site.

The internet to me is like a giant library, and what a library needs is librarians. I propose teams of people whose sole job is to finally clean up the 'net! They go around deleting those pesky dead links, or contacting the owners, and other duties, basically cleaning up the internet, because as it is now, it's all over the place!

Reward: Fast, worry free surfing, without the dead links.
By will
illegal. to do that they would have to basically break into the other persons computer to change the link. as far as contacting the owners, they have links in many sites that have a webmaster link so u can email them and tell them about their site. the internet is privately run, publically owned. people run the sites and have permission to them, but with the permissions, anyone can access it. only thing would be for search engines to hire more people so the content can be more accurate, but then again, they use bots to do the finding for them.

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