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If you could show anyone what you wanted to say by hidding it on the bottom of your shoe and then showing them, you then have an unlimited amount of possibilities from "I Love You!" to "Doggy Doo" then you could say I have "Doggy Doo" on the bottom of my shoe. In class you could put your feet up and swear at your friends. Maybe even switch the words from shoe to shoe so that it only reads right when you cross your legs. I can't even imagine what you could come up with and hide on the bottom of your shoe only to show someone later or tell them some joke about it first. We can make the letters hold up to walking and they would be better than permenantly writing on your shoe which would ruin them. We could make them like "Reader Board" letters that stick made out of rubber like your soles of your shoes. Then you just pull them off later. Any color and any font you want.

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By Steve
Don't forget that you could also walk through mud (for example) and leave your tracks/message all over! ;-D

(Seems like we had a similar Saturday - see my Tongue Writer idea. ;-) )
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By AaronBurns
If you perosnalize your shoes and get lost in the woods you could write words or your name or directions to where your going and they could easily find and track you and it would work for lost children as well.
If the Police were looking for someone, then they could find that perosn by tracks. They would probably see "F*$? the Police" and they could call that in Saying "I can't quit deciphere the message but it seems to say..." just kidding but, if everyone wanted to protect there shoes from theft (Like $300.00 Dollar Nikes) then you could add permanent letters and the thieves could only ruin the shoes or have to throw them away because they would be easily caught with someone elses personalized shoes.
You could write your name on them.
Remember, soccer players walk on cleets and they are almost half an inch tall (I played for 12 straight years) and they are still and always have been easy to walk on. No problems walking on shorter letters at all. Especially if inset.
By sarahtia
The other day I was looking through a magazine, and saw a pair of running shoes with PRIN on the bottom of the left shoe, ans CESS on the other. The brand had many different words you could choose from, and I thought that was pretty interesting. I like the idea that you could change the letters around, because after a while one word would get pretty boring. :-b

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