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By AaronBurns
For those who can't drink any more but, miss the flavor or maybe if you like the flavors but, do not drink, you can drink anything from a liquor store legally if underage or at any age. I would rather not incourage kids to try drinking but, maybe if they tasted it, it might take away the thrill and they wouldn't start to begin with. Some people have health problems but like rum, gin, vodka, beers, or wines, flavor and can't drink the real thing.

I would like to taste the flavors without the damage to the brain. I would like to be a professional at the taste of all wines, beers, and hard alcohols and it would help anyone who wants to learn to be a bar tender but, doesn't like to drink alcohol or someone who has to stay away from alcohol. There would be any use from cooking to candy. Unlimited uses for non-alcoholic drinks that taste like the real thing.

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By Ideamonger
Aaron, I love the idea. I personally enjoy the flavor and effects of alcohol but there have been times that I could not drink when I wanted to because of the need to be mentally alert. A Jack & Coke tasting drink without the alcohol would've saved my life!
Beers/wines get their tastes from the fermentation and the respective ingredients mixed in with the hops/grapes. Hard alcohol is the same process with different ingredients and then onto distillation. Can a drink be made that tastes like whiskey yet doesn't get one drunk? For had alcohol, the solution may be shortening the fermentation time and slightly adjusting the recipe and/or distillation process. Please let me know if this helps!
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By AaronBurns
Very easy to do.
You simply do not distill the end product which saves all the ingredients from degrading and preserves the taste and then after fermintation you simply keep the end "Mash" and instead of distilling to get the flavor and pure alcohol you evaporate the alcohol from the "Mash" and derive flavor by grinding and squeezing out the liquids under heat and throw away the physical part of the "Mash" and keep the liquids to add to the beverage for flavor with out any actual alcohol in it.
Much like "Near Beer". ;-D
By Ideamonger
I've been intrigued by this subject now. I've been searching the internet and cannot find non-alcoholic tequila, brandy, scotch, or whisky. It does sound very simple to make a non-alcoholic spirit by evaporating out the alcohol. In practice, it is much more difficult. Take whisky, for example; the alcohol makes up between 40-60% of the liquid. Evaporating out the alcohol will leave the harsh flavors of the yeast and the malt. Whisky, and other spirits, get their tastes from being distilled 2-5 times. How can whisky be made without being distilled? Or, does one distill the whisky the desired amount of times and then do a final purification (evaporate out the alcohol)? Why haven't large producers of spirits tested out these ideas and put them to market? There is a huge market of designated drivers and ex-alcoholics that would enjoy a product such as this.
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By AaronBurns
First of all I would like to say that I really liked this type of constructive input and secondly I will address the great question.
When in fermintation you add sugar and yeast to the mash and it creates the flavor in gerneral and the process is finished (mostly) before distillation after the yeast eats all the sugar and reacts to hops, barley or which ever grain and ingrdient so the flavor is there in the liquid, but not in pure form.
You asked a great question; "Why haven't they done this?"
My answer is also explained with your input simply because the output of evaporation would reduce the liquid to a degree where it would be too expensive to sell.
If you take the reduced and evaporated drink and tasted it it would taste unlike the drink since it would be too strong so the end added process is too find a fitting filler to replace the lost volume, increase the amount equal too that of a real spirit's original flavor.
"Near Beer" so far is the only company too do this similarly, but not exactly since beer is never distilled and only fermented. ;-D
Alcohol is a moderately good solvent for many fatty substances and essential oils. This attribute facilitates the use of flavoring and coloring compounds in alcoholic beverages, especially distilled beverages. Flavors may be naturally present in the beverage’s base material. Beer and wine may be flavored before fermentation. Spirits may be flavored before, during, or after distillation.

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It seems it is an alcoholic drinks because you indicated the taste of the alcohol is still there. So how it is possible that you've indicated a non-alcoholic drinks but coming to your post seems there is still alcohol content that are in rums, vodka, beers, wines and gins. Still it is an alcoholic beverages for me.

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