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By 'The One'
This is very deep, I'm sure I've thought of this stuff before, but I understand where you are coming from. Some may think of it as an isolated act of depression. I think there may be even more to it though. I can't say much about it at the moment but I'm looking forward to other peoples' responses to this post you have made. You have very good points typed there. ;-) :-? :-) ;-D
By 'The One'
I know that this may sound a bit twisted but I've read more of your post and found that possibly the problem is that a huge majority of people in the world actually have their brains working 'backwards' in a way. Many people do seem to have had their minds properly mentally twisted as years have gone by. Are we all going 'mad' or something?...I wonder. Mind you, there are many different versions of what people could call 'mad'. But anyway, yes, I think I agree with you.

Also, it must be tough living through a drought in Australia, because I live here in Tanworth in Britain near Birmingham (nothing to do with Birmingham, America, lol) and the temperature is about moderate.

Heat and no water, sounds tough! :-° :-?
By 'The One'
Both this Birmingham and Birmingham, Alabama are very special places, go Birmingham! lol. :-b

What you say is so true, that the way people act and live relates to things like magnetism (i.e. like the 'balance' as we know it - when something 'hangs in the balance', etc.), and how things people think and talk about all relate to the body and their own surroundings. And things have definitely changed in terms of how people view religious beliefs and how they correspond to scientific findings. We may as well view belief and hope as one part of the brain making us want to do things, rather than loads of different religions. (Each religion is most likely thought of the same way as the next religion...Each one is still a hope and faith after all).

People should just be random but keep the essential elements of good, and for this to happen, and for everyone to be fulfilled, we all must be aiming for the same goal of enjoyment all the time, no matter what happens to us, and we must always hold the one great power of good judgement, not always keeping to ourselves all the time.

I agree with you. Thank you elenos.

:-) ;-) ;-D

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