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By 'The One'
I have discovered that metabolism is very similar to how it is in the videogame, Resident Evil 4, how many of the later creatures in the game can metabolise very quickly into other shapes, although, in real life, things just metabolise alot slower.

this proves that people shouldn't need to worry TOO MUCH about their looks through life as it will be a bit of a waste of time when you could be doing much more.

For example, if you get a very big fortehead that you don't like, it does NOT mean that it will never go away. You just have to figure out or already know how to get it back to its original shape. Trouble is, alot of people might complain about this because it may involve you having to let out alot of anger by rolling your eyes back/down and screaming (which would probably be best to do underwater) OR you could write about it to get it out of your head. - while thinking of the best memories you can think of. You could even think of it like a scene/scenes from a film, as if you are in a film, or in any way you feel is best. :-) ;-)
By 'The One'
Also, it might be to do with whether you are a creature who is adapted more to sea, land or air, or a mixture of two or all of these options. These could affect many of your attributes as a living being and affect your metabolism rates, different functions in your brain, etc...

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