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By AaronBurns
99.9% Percent of all vacuum waste coming in is burnable but, we can't simply light a fire in our vacuum. Hot air can be hot enough to pop popping corn and can be hot enough to reduce a full wind tunnel canister of waste too about an inch of waste. If we burn the vacuumed waste with extremely hot air and heat proof plastics then we no longer have to dump waste. We instead dump ashes about once a year. Just another "How Lazy Can I Get?!" Idea! lol!

Reward: A vacuum for popping corn!
By Highguard01
Im posting to redirect you into your field you seem to be in a place where information might be stuck so in known theres simular things like this at play in the world called a digestor
it takes bio waste from fields and and by chopping it into smallest particles it makes it into a fuel used to power many things perhaps the steam you mean to make a engine work an produce
energy from your theory then you would have already made yourself something far greater then you may realize but you should now have a firm redirection and lil more direction on where the path is leading you.

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