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By 'The One'
I was thinking...There have been stories of people who die (or have been thought to be dead) then come back as zombies. It was shown on a programme a couple of years ago. Apparently it happened in a hot country like Africa or somewhere (which reminds me of an old 'Mighty Max' episode...lol). At a funeral, people thought a man was dead while lying at the altar in his coffin, but then he rose to everyone's horror and looked around slowly. Everyone ran from the church. He was thought to have died from a snake bite, so it must have been the poison that stopped everything from his sight and movement from working totally.

Although, that's not the point...The point is that people imagine dying and think of everything going dark and them losing their CONSCIENCE. But what if Christ for example, appeared to have risen from the dead when actually he had just found a way to switch off and come back via his conscience. Maybe when you die your conscience switches off but other parts of your body can work, and this is how he did it.

I've randomly felt paralyzed when I tried to go back to sleep one morning and all I could do was move my eyes a bit while everything was blurry like a dream (but I could tell it wasn't a dream), and I felt as if I had no body, or that I was out of my body. Then, after a while I closed my eyes or something and felt as if I had come back to my body.

What if coffins aren't such a good idea and haven't been for thousands of years, because people may wake up in them, with or without their conscience, whether or not they feel the claustrophobic pain of being stuck in a coffin under the ground...?

And surely, if someone did become a 'zombie', then there would be a way for them to get their conscience back, wouldn't there, using science or by themselves or something...?

Apparently an 'Islamic Punk Rocker', years and years ago, did come back as a zombie. Maybe we're all naturally zombie-like but without eating each other, etc. Or maybe we have all become zombies!!! :-o 8-o :-D :-)

Surely, people should know about this if we don't want to end up with living dead people walking around, or for the sake of poor people who might wake up in coffins!!! If people wake up as zombies, it's probably also because they have unfinished business, so we all have to make sure that we have the least amount of unfinished business left before we die, just in case!

Hopefully, if anyone was ever a zombie, they would feel numb so that they wouldn't feel the pain you would expect of being one, like how well trained soldiers can stand alot of pain, because they have adapted to it, and have enough fat and muscle to stand it, as well as the right mind set and mentality to endure more painful things than most people can endure. ;-) B-) :-?
By Splroink
The main way they're attempting this today is cryogenics. The problem with that is freezing ruins cell membranes. There are animals that can be frozen and come back to life, so of course people are researching that angle.

Now, we're talking about real death here, not the "I have cancer, freeze me now" scenario.

I think the way out is this: People don't really care about their bodies, as long as their minds are intact. Various Star Trek episodes have explored what this might look like. I think it's the way to go, and it's not too hard given enough computer power.

Step 1: Figure out how to scan someone's brain into a computer. You'll need to store information about all the connections among all the neurons. With increasing understanding of the brain, much of this information could be compressed, and probably whole regions of the brain could be ignored.

Step 2: Either give the computer some of the sensory-motor abilities of the original human, or figure out how to morph an existing (dead, I suppose) brain to be like that of the "backed up" person.
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By swimmer
Till now we are much far from understanding how the barain works , how information are stored in it , and how can we read and decode it ?

Doctors have discovered which parts of the brain are for what function by by monitoring electric fields and pulses in the brain ... thats how far we got ...

But for future there is alot of promises ...

To live longer scientist are working on the immortality magic potion ... we can now expand our lives to 120 year .... but we still need more ...

As for the zombie thing , spare those dead people and just incinirate them ... they wont wake-up again i assure you ... :p
By real_talent
For me, I don't believe in this because there isn't a real proof of it from science.. I think it is sometimes human error like before wherein people who are still alive are accidentally thought of as dead and buried alive..
By Elliwesis
The idea of resurrection would be hard to explain itself but at one point you used a life example where you said you felt paralyzed. Thats actually called sleep paralysis and your body doesn't really die or anything its because your Brian sent out a chemical usually sent before you sleep so that you don't re-enact your dreams. Or sleepwalk. I would suggest looking it up but I think it happens in children and teens more than adults so depending on age you could grow out of that.

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