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By george g moore
Th problem with electric cars is that the electricity is used as the primary source of energy. The elecricity should be used to electrolicise (word?) water (remember the experiments of Levoisier in the eighteenth century?) and the resultant oxygen is used as the source of internal cumbustion for an engine: the resulting exhaust of water can be recycled so that nothing is lost except energy and the shieks of Araby can go on unemployment. Or better yet, though more sophisiticated, the hydrogen could be used likewise.

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By Highguard01
nikola tesla did better then this. i can make it rain over your head cheaper then you would of figured then you should just look at the man again and if you truely look at him as a inventor you would of figured out electric cars lil more better then they still try to pitch it. mine is far more encoded then his but i know after you look at his and review now mine it would make since it was at the time all i could do from letting them leave it as a wood chipper and at that powered by gas

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