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By scoutpigz
I always oversleep or ending up pressing the snooze button 10 times before I wake up. Why not create an alarm clock that has multi-functions: you have to sleep next to the alarm clock, it's positioned not too far away. So - when the alarm rings, and you do not wake up after 8 minutes, the clock has a hammer that hits your head. If you are still not awake after 15 minutes, the clock will spray water to your face. will try to think of other functions.

Reward: suggestions and opinions to make it come true.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Hello Scout..

This was fully covered in a previous thread (years ago) here on the CreativityPool. The end result (alarm squirts water in face) ended up winning awards at two different school science fair projects. Try searching for it in the search box above right. There are complete instructions in that thread on how to build one really cheap with off-the-shelf easily available parts.
By tfushia
Maby if you tried a different consept. kinda add on to the idea. Maby if you made a clock that had wheels and that could move every eight minutes at a time and beep. then when it got close enough it could do what your saying. just an idea
By sammeli
Has anyone tried waking up people with the burglar alarm sounds (the ones which make you dizzy)... I would think it would be impossible to sleep. That would be painful way to wake up.

One that is also quite good one i think is a clock that ask answer to math question, etc and you have to answer right to quiet the clock down... that way you have to be atleast semi-conscious (I think there might be these already somewhere, haven't seen though)
By troyblando
Get up!!! Answer the day and be gratious for the opportunity to participate. Look in the miror and be proud!!!
By emilysarahw14
You could always place the alarm clock out of arms reach so that you would have to get out of bed to turn it off therefore you are already out of bed or there could be a switch on the alarm clock that when you go to turn it off it moves out of the way and each time you try to turn it off you would be so you would be to busy trying to catch the alarm clock that you don't realize that you have gotten out of bed. When you have successfully gotten out of bed the alarm clock will return to it's starting position so that it is ready fir the next morning or whenever you need to wake up again.
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