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I have this idea that might eliminate some tension on those few who are in maybe relationships where they don't always want to talk on the phone or for those few out there who stick to only texting when they meet that new hottie and don't really know how to verbally engage a conversation. Texting is taking over the worlds comunicating ability. people now feel more comfortable texting than cuts the small talk people tend to flow out when there nervous. Its a modern day letter on your phone. You can get to the point fast and expect a fast answer Right? Why not come up with a phone that only sends texts. When you meet someone new people want to text first to get over that first time nervous feeling of engaging a conversation. It works for me when I meet a new chic....text for a few hours . you'll get comfortable enough with them after a while to verbally start a conversation. Everybody hates calling someone they just met right away. Just send a text its easier. And its always convenient where voices are prohibited. It would look like our old friend THE BEEPER. but it only texts and sends e-mails for the Wall street dudes. NEVERMIND THEY ALREADY MADE THEM .....THEY WERE CALLED TWO-WAYS . I LOVE TWO WAYS OR THREE WAYS THERE ALL GOOD.

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