The perfect place for ideas that are totally insane, making them far too hot to be thrown away.
By Rodney Alexander McGary I
The cig-missile is a cigarette that you light on the yellow side and within 5 seconds that end will spark wildly. Once the sparking starts you throw it, letting it fly. Once it hits a solid surface KABOOM!So basically the cig-missile is a mini missile that could be used in a war or something of that nature.

Reward: N/A;Whatever you feel is appropriate.
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By Steve
Would you still be able to smoke it when you light in on the right side?

(This would be absolutely essential for marketing purposes... ;-))
By sunshine
*beep* and this idea sucks, people like you should be subjected to the pain and suffering that these type of ideas are supposed to cause to others there is too much of this *beep* in the world already..... It's so easy to be destructive but it's really hard to be creative especially when you don't have a brain or any sense centre, for you a spinal cord would fully suffice. someone like you should join the army and go fight in Afganistan or Palestine and use your funky cig-missile there, see how far it gets you. Think again you moron.
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By Steve
Hey, sunshine, isn't there is a cooler, calmer and politer way of telling somebody he's a moron? !+)
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By Steve
This would be absolutely essential for marketing purposes...

Actually I thought it would have been pretty cool in a campaign with the slogan "smoking kills." - Oh well...

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