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By george g moore
Lots of old ladies alone in their apartments or houses feel vulnerable and they are. Imagine maybe they could feel more secure if.... On the back of their front foor is a device that - if someone makes a commotion at the door, loud knocking or pushing - triggers a tape recordering of a large dog growling ferociously. Could help, if just outside the door on the porch or the landing there was a pretty large, empty of course, dog food bowl with MAX written on the side.

Reward: Packet of ten paris bus tickets.
Old dvd film french or english
By Robin
This type of device exists in many Geriatric and Medical Supply catalogs. In one configurationIt hangs on the door and usually makes a dog bark or siren sound.
In another it wedges between the door knob and floor and not only startles, but inhibits the door from being kicked in as well as makes noise.
Robin Morgan

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