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By ideaman2
Ever walk out to get the mail/newspaper and suddenly realize the temperature is 10 degrees below zero. I have an idea for slipper-boots. They would be just slightly thicker soled than slippers. For one reason to keep out the cold and another reason to protect your feet from gravel, glass, and heroin needles hopefully not the latter. The body of the slipper would raise up high on the ankle and be a half inch thick full of thinsulate type material and an inner lining of fleece for sheer comfort. These superslippers would also be good for chasing after your dog/cat when he/she outwits you, and suddenly escapes out into the cold. Or, running out to start up the car, or feeding the bird feeder. Or (and this is my favorite one) if you're one of the millions of people who just always have really cold feet even indoors and would feel a little more safe with good soles on your slippers for the linolium and hardwood floors (they're so slick).

I realize there are some products out there like mine but to pinpoint the differance it would be the thicker griping rubber soles. Free samples for my family and friends please.

Reward: warm solid footing without finding and putting on socks and lacing shoes.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Natural Earth Shoes made these for Wilderness Supply. It was at least 8 years ago when I saw them at the mall. It might be worth searching for them on the internet to see if they're still made and who sells them now. They had very wide toes and Thinsalate lining. The tops were just above the ankles, the bottoms were silicone rubber with moderate tread and the construction was really rough surfaced thick leather. Unfortunately, they were also very expensive for slippers.

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